Women are leading the way in healthcare every day. Whether as formal or informal leaders, we know that women leaders often experience more hurdles and speed bumps as they juggle careers and family responsibilities.

Our healthcare landscape is quickly shifting as practice and policy attempt to catch up with a post-pandemic new normal. To meet the growing needs of all women leaders, the Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership has created a new space of learning, networking, and support for women in healthcare.

This inaugural curriculum is designed to build and strengthen skills, resources, community, and confidence for women leaders from all walks of our fluid healthcare landscape. Please add your important voice to our exploration of challenging questions, our shared stories of successes and roadblocks, and our professional support networks. Let’s work together to create a more inclusive, innovative, and equitable healthcare environment.

Please note: each session will include interactive learning, small group conversations and supportive networking.

This curriculum will address:

All sessions are virtual

Session 1 (October 26, 8-11 am): Leading Through Chaos & Crisis: Harnessing Your Communication and Negotiation Skills


  • Recognize your communication strengths and develop a plan to expand them
  • Learn when and how to engage in those challenging conversations you have avoided
  • How to communicate to gain buy-in

Session 2: (November 30, 12-3 pm) Empathetic Leadership & the Value of Vulnerability – Mandie Kelel, MS, MFT,  Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead™️ Certified Facilitator

*Please note – in order to bring you our guest speaker, we are offering this session from 12-3 pm*


  • Giving yourself permission to be more open, ask more questions, and give yourself what you need
  • Creating awareness of the various environments (Arenas) in which you work, live and play, and learning to listen to the people that really matter
  • Exploring the myths of vulnerability and learning how being more vulnerable actually creates a more competent and Daring Leader
  • Understanding empathy and empathy misses better to create healthier connections in all relationships

Session 3 (January 18, 2023, 8-11 am): The Value of Your Personal Stories to Model and Lead with Inclusion & Kindness


  • Understand what’s different for women in leading with equity
  • Learn how to create and model a culture of equity
  • Gain confidence in our personal experiences and use our stories to lead with equity

3 virtual sessions (EST)

October 26, 8-11 am
November 30, 12-3 pm

January 18, 8-11 am

Cost: $900 plus $25 enrollment fee

Please note we are offering a 50% discount to graduate students and medical residents. If interested, contact Janell Lewis, Director of Leadership Development.

CMEs: 9.0

Joint Providership Statement

This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the accreditation requirements and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) through the joint providership of the Maine Medical Education Trust and Daniel Hanley Center for health Leadership. The Maine Medical Education Trust is accredited by the Maine Medical Association Committee on Continuing Medical Education and Accreditation to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

To learn more or be added to the wait list for the next cohort, please contact Janell Lewis, Director of Leadership Development