Building More Effective Dyad Relationships

For hospitals and other healthcare organizations that work or plan to work in a dyad leadership structure, ineffective administrator/clinician dyad relationships can impact the entire delivery team and quality of care delivered as well as cost the organization both time and money.

By creating a safe environment in which to build communication and trust between one’s dyad partners and across dyad pairs in an organization, the Dyad Leadership Development (DLD) course provides dyad leaders with the skills they need to work effectively, foster a more collaborative environment for their teams and improve the quality of patient care and outcomes.

Steeped in leadership and management skills, the DLD curriculum helps dyad pairs gain new insight into their partners’ perspectives, learn new skills about how to work together, practice improved communication skills, and strengthen their relationships.

Skills gained during this course include:

  • How to more effectively communicate with others
  • How to understand one’s leadership tendencies and recognize others’
  • How to solve the challenges of working with difficult people and on seemingly intractable problems
  • How to develop goals, objectives and timelines
  • How to develop and communicate strategic priorities
  • How to manage change
  • How to collaborate to build a new business proposal
  • And more

Session Schedule

This course is run with 6 monthly 4-hour weekday sessions held over six months.  Time of day is flexible with 7-11am sessions being the most popular.  We work with our clients to create a course schedule that flexibly meets their needs while sticking to our core curriculum.  Please note that it typically takes 6 months to get a course up and running from time of inquiry to time of first session.

For More Information

If you would like to discuss how a Dyad Leadership Development course can add value to your organization’s effectiveness, please email Judiann Smith, Executive Director,