To meet the growing needs of all nursing leaders, the Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership has created a new space of learning, networking, and support for nurses. Working with a steering committee of nurse leaders the Hanley Center has created a unique course that imparts the practical skills that are part of the AONL nurse manager competencies.

Nurses are leading the way in healthcare every day. Whether as formal or informal leaders, we know that nurse leaders often experience more hurdles and speed bumps as they juggle careers and family responsibilities.

This curriculum is designed to build and strengthen skills, resources, community, and confidence for nurses from all walks of our fluid healthcare landscape. Please add your important voice to our exploration of challenging questions, our shared stories of successes and roadblocks, and our professional support networks. Let’s work together to create a more inclusive, innovative, and equitable healthcare environment.

To learn more contact Janell Lewis, Director of Leadership Development with any questions.

About the Nursing Leadership Institute

The Nursing Leadership Institute (NLI) was developed in partnership with senior nursing leaders from across Maine. All sessions will be led by experienced Hanley Center faculty and with guest nurse leader reflection.

The Nursing Leadership Institute will:

  • Equip emerging nursing leaders with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in their leadership roles
  • Learn strategies and content to more effectively influence the operations of care delivery within their spheres of influence
  • Develop awareness of and refine your leadership approach to navigate opportunities and challenges in nursing practice
  • Build a network of trusted nurse colleagues that you can carry into your future.

Over 5 three-hour interactive sessions, you will learn practical and effective ways to:

  1. Communicate confidently and clearly
  2. Develop and foster relationships across the care continuum to build partnerships that achieve common goals
  3. Build consensus to share information and accomplish goals
  4. Engage in challenging conversations
  5. Coach team members
  6. Understand and appreciate different approaches and incorporate diverse perspectives into discussions and decision-making
  7. Implement change initiatives using evidence-based frameworks
  8. Foster a culture of innovation and transformation
  9. Set priorities
  10. Lead from the middle with an understanding and appreciation of organizational priorities and how departmental goals align with them
  11. Understand budgeting and financial management for nurse leaders
  12. Achieve buy-in from stakeholders and manage projects
Logistics, Dates, Tuition & Credits


  • All sessions will be virtual, and held from 8:00-11:00 a.m., EST.

Dates and Times

  • Session 1: November 29
  • Session 2: December 20
  • Session 3: January 24
  • Session 4: February 28
  • Session 5: March 27

Enrollment fee: $50

Tuition: $1,700

Credits: We are in the process of applying for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for this course.