PELI Advanced Nomination Form

  • To Maine Healthcare Leaders: You are invited to nominate one or more physician leaders to the Physician & Provider Executive Leadership Institute Advanced Course. You may also nominate yourself. Please consider the Course Goals and nominate physician & provider leaders you believe meet the characteristics described below. Leaders you nominate will be invited to enroll in the course. The course will commence in 2023 with a cohort of 30 - 36 physicians. and providers.

    Course Goals: The Hanley Center will build a skilled network of physician and provider leaders who have the experience, commitment, and passion to lead initiatives that will transform and improve health and healthcare systems at local, regional, and statewide levels.

    • Bring leadership/management experience (suggested five years minimum)
    • Be focused on developing higher level expertise in key leadership competencies including strategic thinking; business/management skills; systems awareness; self-awareness; teamwork & collaboration; and understanding of emerging models of healthcare delivery
    • Have an outstanding professional reputation
    • Be passionate about improving systems and transforming health and healthcare in Maine
    • Be committed to building physician leadership capacity in practices, hospitals and other settings in Maine
    • Bring a strong desire to be challenged and energized as part of a positive and supportive cohort of other leaders
  • Who are you nominating?