We Live Our Lives in Stories

Most of our Leadership Development Courses include an individual project that each participant chooses to test and utilize the skills and tools learned in the course. Projects create or build upon initiatives that drive participants’ passion in healthcare and make improvements to healthcare practice and patient experience. Each project is a Story of Change, both from the perspective of the changes personal to each leader and how the substance of the project work can improve patient care and outcomes.

Health Leadership Development Projects/Stories of Change:

  1. Improving Social Isolation Among Maine’s Rural Seniors
  2. Healthcare Workforce Challenges in Somerset County
  3. Community Harm to Vulnerable Populations
  4. Social Media and Youth Anxiety & Depression
  5. Improving the Experience for Pediatric and Adolescent Behavioral Health Patients Presenting in An Emergency Department
  6. Primary Care Provider – End of Life Care Conversations – A Resource Guide
  7. Connecting Primary Care Providers to Schools re: Youth Anxiety & Depression
  8. In All Fairness: Putting a Face on Health Disparities