Daniel Hanley Center Merges With Maine Medical Education Trust

Monday evening, December 5, 2022, 120 alumni and healthcare leaders, shared camaraderie, wonderful reflections, and in our exciting announcement of our merger with the Maine Medical Education Trust (MMET).

As of January 1, 2023, the Daniel Hanley Center is merging with the Maine Medical Education Trust (MMET)! The MMET is the non-profit foundation arm of the Maine Medical Association. Dr. Sean Hanley, Hanley Center’s Board Chair, shared his reflections on the Hanley Center’s 20 years of developing a network of collaborative healthcare leaders. Dr. Erik Steele, D.O., MMA’s President, shared his enthusiasm for what these two organizations can accomplish together, continuing the legacy of Dr. Dan Hanley. With the support of the MMET and more than 1,000 alumni, the Hanley Center is poised to continue to meet the evolving leadership development needs of healthcare related organizations in Maine and beyond.