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Executive Coaching for Physicians

Just as you act as advisors for patients, colleagues, residents and direct reports, so do you need advice and guidance. A sign of true leadership is that very ability: knowing when to ask for help, when you're in too deep, or when the current need transcends your extensive clinical or management training.

Gauges or triggers, when considering your needs for help

1. Do you have uncooperative colleagues or direct reports, people of great expertise, esteem or revenue impact within the organization but who are difficult to manage or bring around to new ways of thinking?

2. Are changes in your model of health care delivery or management requiring a frustrating shift to incorporate more administrative or non-clinical duties?

3. Are you in line for stepping up to a higher level of responsibility, whether within your current business or at a new hospital, practice or organization?

4. Do you feel like you're reaching for answers just outside your expertise?

5. Do you have the opportunity to present at national conferences but lack the presentation skill set that matches the opportunity? Or maybe it's a pitch to your CEO or board?

 6. Is your unbalanced work/life schedule causing difficulties for you and your family? Do you feel like you’re burning out or missing critical self-care practices?

How does coaching work?

After an initial discussion, you will make an arrangement with one of our Certified Professional Coaches about the timing and frequency of your meetings, which can be scheduled to fit within your availability, at times between 6 am and 8 pm, EST. It is likely that you might expect to meet with a coach 2-3 times a month for 2 to 3 months, at the least. This is what others have found to be a minimum time necessary in order to make the desired changes or meet difficult management challenges.

How do we approach the work? We will help you focus primarily on personal, management and/or leadership issues that are grounded in behaviors - yours, others' and the institution's. We have many tools to offer that will help you find the pathway out of discomfort and toward success. Our coaches are advisors, not therapists. We will work with you to create goals for the engagement and advise you on how to reach them, generally and specifically. We are management and leadership experts - with deep expertise in working with physicians and providers - who help you to define the strategy and solutions for your particular challenges and environment.

Where does this happen?

Coaching is arranged at your office, ours or another neutral space. Though your session can be in person, we work with health leaders all over the U.S. and are skilled at connecting via phone, Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout.

If you are interested in setting up a coaching session or would like more information about the service, please contact Grace Cleaves, gracecleaves@hanleycenterleadership.org (207)553-9851 Ext. 14