About Us: Honoring Leadership

Recognizing Exemplary Leadership

The Hanley Leadership Award and Hanley Honors are among Maine’s most prestigious honors. The Award or Honors recognizes healthcare professional, organization, team or initiative that embodies Dr. Dan Hanley’s values.

Since the Award’s inception in 2003, honorees have included Stephen Shannon, DO, MPH, at the time of the award, Dean of the University of New England College of Medicine (2003); nationally known medical researcher John Wennberg, MD, MPH, Chair of the Center for the Evaluative Clinical Services at Dartmouth Medical School (2004); and highly regarded Franklin County clinicians Sandra Record, RN and Burgess Record, MD (2005) and diabetes treatment pioneer Ann Gahagan, FNP of Caribou (2006); Robert Ritchie, MD, the father of Maine’s biotech industry (2007). In 2008 the, Maine Health Management Coalition was honored. In 2012 Dr. Robert Mcafee was honored.

The Hanley Center's 2010 Honors For Medical and Humanitarian Service recognized not only extraordinary service, but also exceptional leadership, collaboration and impact. The Center's 2010 honorees include a wide range of Maine caregivers and organizations that have provided critically important healthcare services over the course of many years to people around the globe who suffer from poverty, illness and the aftermath of natural and man-disasters.

In 2014

Marjorie Withers, a leader in Washington County who has dedicated much of her life to reducing the impact of the health disparities of rural poverty, mental illness, substance abuse, and trauma through working with infants and young children and their families.  In 2006, she developed and began directing the Community Caring Collaborative (CCC), a Washington county-wide, 40-member collaborative for agencies, organizations and community initiatives to create a seamless system of care for at risk infants and young children.

Maine Migrant Health Program, Maine’s only farmworker health organization. By linking agricultural workers to care and services, it has worked effectively to reduce health disparities and inequities of access for this work force.  In Maine, migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their families are predominantly Hispanic, Native American, and African Caribbean.

United Somali Women of Maine, is a refugee women-led organization that addresses the health disparity faced by refugee and immigrant women who experience domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence.   USWF provides culturally and linguistically specific services for the refugee and immigrant communities in Maine. Services include system advocacy in regards to access to services and service delivery; education and training and post resettlement services. USWM covers both Androscoggin and Cumberland counties in terms of service delivery and provides training statewide.

As a result, today refugee and immigrant victims are able to address culturally and linguistically victim services, advocacy, and education including empowering women to become economically independent. Additionally, USWM works with various agencies to protect children and ensure children are maintained within their communities and culture.

Waldo County Dental Care, an innovative collaborative effort of Waldo County General Hospital (WCGH), committed members of its Board of Directors, and private dentists in the Waldo County area to address the health disparity in dental care for low income and uninsured individuals in their community.  Prior to the initiation of this project, WCGH’s Emergency Department reported that for 18-45 year olds the most common reason for emergency care was acute dental pain and infection, which could not be definitively managed in the ED and often led to the need for extraction.  After planning in 2012, the Waldo County Dental Care program began providing services in August, 2013.  The goal of the collaborative has been to create a self-sustaining and replicable model where a community comes together to take care of its own.