About Us : The Hanley Center

The Daniel Hanley Center For Health Leadership

The Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership is nonprofit, independent, statewide organization dedicated to supporting the transformation of Maine’s health and healthcare sectors. We do this in two ways: by preparing leaders to work more collaboratively and more effectively toward the goal of better-coordinated care and greater efficiencies that will moderate the growth of costs. The Center also tackles complex problems that require collaborative approaches and the engagement of diverse stakeholders.

As a private, independent organization, the Hanley Center is a neutral, nonpartisan entity that is increasingly called upon to develop and facilitate planning processes.

Our vision and mission were crafted to carry on the leadership legacy of the late Dr. Dan Hanley. The Center honors the important difference his work made to so many healthcare professionals, patients, and organizations. The Center is dedicated to catalyzing a culture of greater collaboration and innovation in health care. We do this through a wide range of programs aimed at developing a strong foundation of values-driven leadership that reflect Dr. Hanley’s own values: Inclusion & Collaboration, Courage, Hard Work, Innovation, Kindness and Leadership.