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Over the years, the Hanley Center has engaged Maine's healthcare community in initiatives to improve collaborative leadership for the betterment of the healthcare system as a whole as we pursue the triple aim.  As a part of this effort, the Center has hosted annual Leadership Forums since 2003. Each Forum brings together key leaders to address a single, complex issue. Forums conclude with the development of Action Plans and signal the beginning of a mutli-month planning and implementation process. Over the years, the Center has tackled a broad range of issues that affect the quality and cost of care across Maine. Resources stemming from these forums — and other initiatives — can be found by following the web links in the table below.


Supporting Home &

Community Based Care

Improving Primary Care

Resiliency &  Mindfulness

In All Fairness:

Putting a Face on Health Disparities

Health Information Technology

Aligning Healthcare Priorities

Paying for Quality Healthcare

Youth Obesity

Healthy Weight Initiative

State Innovation Model (SIM)

Public Health Workforce